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Bottled juices may retain more antioxidants and can be a little fresher, but powders are much easier to travel with, and often include a wider variety of ingredients.

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After identifying all of the eligible juice cleanse products, we started to look at the ingredients of each. First off, we dropped products that relied too heavily on sugar-laden and nutrient-light juices like apple or pear juice—these products are going to be hard on your metabolic system because of the high sugar content. A fter that, we looked for characteristic superfood ingredients like pomegranate, dark cherries, and blueberries.

We also looked for products that included non-fruit or vegetable sources of potent antioxidants, like chia seeds, ginger, and turmeric. Products that contained a lot of these ingredients scored highly, while those that did not scored worse, or got dropped completely.

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Having identified the juice cleanse products with the highest-quality ingredients, we then examined the manufacturing practices. We had a strong preference for cold-pressed juices and freeze-dried powders, as both of these methods do not expose the fresh fruit and vegetables to high temperatures that could damage or destroy some of the nutrition value of their antioxidants. Cold pressed products, like Suja 3 Day Fresh Start, preserve more of the nutrients and thus ended up higher in the rankings.

A juice cleanse can clean out your body in a few days. A juice cleanse is a short-term fast that usually involves stopping all solid food consumption for a few days and consuming only juices from fruits and vegetables that are rich in micronutrients. Juicing also has some drawbacks, which is why most juicing programs are only a couple of days long. Any longer and the negative side effects start to pile up, outweighing any initial benefits. A short-term juice can lower your blood lipids, cholesterol, and insulin levels.

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The men fasted for eight days, consuming only a juice blend. All of these are biomarkers for chronic health problems like heart disease, stroke, and type two diabetes, and in each case, lower levels are a good thing. While juicing is not a viable long-term solution for keeping your levels of insulin, blood lipids, and cholesterol low, it can be a productive way to kick-start the path to better cardiovascular and metabolic health. When you come off a juicing cleanse in a state of better health, it will be easier to start up a diet that will keep you healthy in the long run.

Juicing provides a concentrated dose of the beneficial ingredients in fruits and vegetables. A high fruit and vegetable intake is one of the most consistently-identified predictors of long-term health in large epidemiological studies. For example, a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition examined data from a group of almost 10, subjects who were surveyed on a regular basis about their dietary habits, and followed to examine their health outcomes 2. The data showed that high intake of both fruits and vegetables over three servings per day was associated with substantial decreases in stroke, cardiovascular disease, and death from any cause.

Research published in in the American Journal of Epidemiology extended these findings to cancer 3. In this longitudinal study, people who consumed high amounts of fruits and vegetables experienced decreased rates of cancer as well as all-cause mortality. Interestingly, when the researchers tried to account for this by looking at the estimated intake of specific nutrients, like vitamin C and beta-carotene, they were unable to find any association.

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This suggests that the benefits of fruits and vegetables have to do with the collection of nutrients that they contain, which suggests that products, like juices, which incorporate all of the micronutrients are healthier than a supplement that provides only individual vitamins or minerals in isolation. You can limit the negative effects of juicing by taking a calcium supplement.

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  • One of the major reasons why juicing is only suitable for short-term use is the fact that most fruits and vegetable juices do not have a balanced distribution of micronutrients. While juicing can give your body a lot of antioxidants, you do miss out on some other vitamins and minerals, and this imbalance can cause extra stress on your body. One specific effect of juicing is increased stress on your kidneys as a result of the high levels of a compound called oxalate in common juice cleanse ingredients like kale , spinach, and beets 4. Normally, in a healthy and well-balanced diet, an adequate calcium intake will block excessive amounts of oxalates from being absorbed.

    However, when juicing, your calcium intake is usually quite low. To solve this, you can take a calcium supplement to block oxalates from being absorbed and take some stress off your kidneys. Even so, you should still limit the duration of your juice cleanse to just a couple of days.

    Using a green drink as part of a juice cleanse could boost your antioxidant levels. While traditional juice cleanses use only the strict products of juicing fruits or vegetables, adding in a green drink as part of a juice cleanse is becoming increasingly popular as it becomes more and more clear that these drinks can substantially boost your antioxidant levels.

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